Which Treatment For Spinal Stenosis Is Best For Me?

Deciding which treatment for spinal stenosis is the best for you personally, depends on its severity. The first step is to see your family physician to determine how advanced the condition is. It is crucial that you consult with your doctor as soon as possible to make sure you have gotten a full and comprehensive diagnosis.

Spinal Stenosis Exercises Can Be An Effective Treatment

For many cases there are specific exercises to deal with stenosis that are effective at strengthening surrounding muscles. With early diagnosis, abdominal exercises can be effective at strengthening the lower back. This can avoid the symptoms getting worse.

Exercising to strengthen the lower back can take some of the pressure off the spine and therefore ease your pain and discomfort. It is a good idea to exercise several times each week, and the effects of this should be noticed pretty quickly. This can have a positive effect on basic function enabling full range of motion.

This, as other treatment should be guided by a physician or therapist. There are a number of simple and reasonable preventive measures anybody can take for stenosis or other back conditions.

One is to maintain good posture at all times, standing, sitting, or walking. And of course this is critical when lifting any heavy objects. Sleep on a comfortable, firm mattress. Finally improve your flexibility through light, careful stretching.

See this article about specific exercises for spinal stenosis.

Common Medications For Spinal Stenosis Symptoms And Pain

For temporary relief from spinal stenosis pain, many people agree to direct steroid injections. This reduces swelling and inflammation, lessening the pain. However, these and other prescription medications can have diminishing effects requiring more and more to help.

As with any number of other conditions that cause inflammation and pain, over the counter medications are used widely and often indiscriminately. NSAIDS and other consumer available medications such as aspirin, Ibuprofen and others can cause internal bleeding, serious liver damage and other side effects if not used sparingly. Their attraction is that in some cases they provide some relief that, while temporary, is quick.

The quick fix for discomfort is causing a health problem across the U.S. and around the world. The health problem from simple over the counter medications has opened up a whole new world of medical treatment and focus.

Safe Alternative Pain Relievers That Provide Long Term Relief From Inflammation and Pain

As a sometimes effective alternative, natural supplements that are clinically tested are available. They work by anti-inflammatory qualities, keeping swelling down and relieving pain. These have become increasingly popular for many types of inflammation related pain. They have good long term efficacy and few or no side effects.

About Treatment Variations For Different Categories of Spinal Stenosis

Treatment, even in the same category, varies between lumbar stenosis and cervical stenosis. Because of the variety of symptomatic effects, treatment volume may increase or decrease.

Because the lower back is load bearing, the amount of medication may be necessarily greater for relief from inflammation and pain. A casual search through Amazon.com will yield a comprehensive variety of back support devices. These can, like for many other back ailments, be very effective at allowing movement and work. They also make up for abdominal weakness.

If the stenosis is very serious and other treatments fail, surgery may be the only viable option. This should only be after consultation with your doctor and specialists with comprehensive test confirmation. If this ever becomes an option, it is important to consider the risks and benefits.

Taking this course of action with your doctor should have a clear medical goal. If you believe spinal surgery may be your only option, check out our guide page here.

Whatever treatment for spinal stenosis is determined to be necessary, the good news is, thousands of people yearly treat it with good results. Like any other condition, it takes research, work and determination.

But it’s likely you’ll be able to live a full and vital life, treating the condition successfully.