When Should I Consider Sciatic Nerve Surgery?

Surgery for sciatica should almost always be a last resort as with most other painful conditions. When it comes to a point where extended self therapy and medical treatment have been ineffective, the pain may bring you to a point of decision.

As suggested in the article: How To Treat Sciatic Nerve Pain With Exercises And Other Methods At Home, there are many treatment options to try before surgery. Most are successful.

However, in some cases people try every accepted self treatment and therapy option known for relief. The pain remains. Sharp pain that may extend from the lower back all the way down to the feet is not unheard of. Numbing sensation can affect the urinary tract and bowels.

Should I have surgery? Is sciatic nerve surgery the only option for relief? What is the surgery success rate? Will I suffer any long term disability from the surgery?

These are all questions that go through the minds of people who have come to the point where they must consider the final alternative. If that alternative is chosen, then they certainly want to know that the excruciating nerve pain will be alleviated in a reasonable amount of time.

After trying any known remedy options and still hurting, it is time to sit down with your physician for a discussion of surgery and its prognosis. This discussion should include why your sciatic nerve is causing pain, where the damage is, and what the statistical chance is that you can get well without invasive treatment.

For basic understanding of the nerve, you may also be interested in: How Does The Sciatic Nerve Location Cause Hip And Back Pain.

If you have never had a thorough examination since the nerve pain began, that would be a good first course of action. If this hasn’t been pursued, just finding out the exact cause of your sciatica may give you other solutions you have not tried.

Is the sciatic nerve discomfort painful enough to consider surgery?

Many times, this is the central question. With people being vastly different in personality, pain tolerance and more, what is critical to one patient may be only annoying to another.

Evaluate your situation with the help of experienced people who may be able to give you added insight on pain management before you settle on surgery.

 When sciatica surgery is the only option, know the risks involved

If it has come down to this point, you should be very well informed of the potential for surgery partial success or complete failure. When surgery for the pain caused by a nerve is performed, it is wrought with challenges and a history of less than stellar results.

While a percentage of people experience success in surgery relieving their pain permanently, most are not that fortunate. Some relief may be satisfactory for some, but it should be clear that is the likely best result.

From that result it should be clear that those results may not last and after some relief for a short period of time, the pain may return.

Added to that their are the already significant risks that go along with any surgery. Infection, spinal damage, nerve damage and many more risks are present.

Considering all that, it should become clear why exhausting every option for sciatic nerve pain relief before surgery is wise.

If You’ve Become Desperate Enough To Consider Surgery

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