What Is The Best Bulging Disc Treatment Option For Me?

When it comes to any kind of bulging disc treatment, the title of the article is the real question. And that’s with “For Me” emphasized, because it will vary widely among individuals. That’s because the location, nerve position, physical attributes of everybody is different.

Consequently how to treat a bulging disc injury will depend on those and other factors.

When treatment is mentioned for a protruding disc, people draw up in terror. But in reality, most treatment is something you can do at home with no invasive medical care whatsoever. When people are faced with the reality of a bulging disc, they often first associate it with surgery, though that is a last resort and rare relative to the numbers of these conditions.

Whether it’s for treating bulging disc pain in the neck or back, some form of first, rest, then mild exercise will be the usual treatment process. If a doctor has given a diagnosis based on x-rays, he or she will be able to more precisely suggest exercises based on the location of the disc.

Use care in selecting your treatment for a bulging disc.

Because of the sometimes extreme discomfort of this condition, people have a tendency to over-reach for a solution. If pain is sharp and excruciating the thought of the patient often goes to some kind invasive treatment. They think if it hurts this bad, surely it must take some extreme treatment. Don’t assume that.

If you believe you need to be under a doctor’s care for back pain, first let the physician make a diagnosis. They will generally be pretty calm and methodical about suggesting treatment.

Even if it looks like the condition is more severe than usual, doctors will often still want you to try to resolve it without extensive medical care or expense.

What disc treatment does not do:

Most any kind of disc injury treatment simply provides pain relief while the disc and surrounding nerves are healing. With the exception of surgery, other forms of disc treatment do not actually cure the condition.

They simply provide an environment in which it can heal faster with minimal pain. In today’s world of modern medicine and physical therapy, there are generally some efficient, effective means of pain control and rehabilitation.

While that’s all fine, all the paths to getting well do not necessarily get at the root of the problem. That is what caused the disc to bulge in the first place. From beginning to end that should be a primary concern in the your treatment. Because as successful as you may be in getting well, if what caused it is not addressed it will likely happen again.

Treatment For A Bulging Disc In The Lower Back

People are more likely to seek out disc injury treatment for their lower back than for any other area. The reason is obvious. This is where the effect of the pain is most debilitating.

Walking, standing, sitting, bending or just about anything hurts when a back injury is low. Treatment for a bulging disc in the neck – cervical disc treatment – would be next in the most sought out. With resulting stiffness or near paralysis, treatment for this type injury is very common.

Just like withLumbar Disc Herniation many other ailments today, the daunting array of treatment options can confuse the patient and lead to indecision.

One of the most sought after forms of treatment, for better or worse is chiropractic treatment. This is particularly true for treatment of a cervical bulging disc. Neck pain is what brings more people to chiropractors than all other ailments.

Not surprisingly a large number of their patients also come for lower back treatment. I’m not going to comment further here except to say do not allow your chiropractor to perform any adjustments until he or she has x-rayed your neck or back. This is the only precise way they can determine the stage your bulging disc is in, if indeed it is this type of injury at all.

Cervical Disc Herniation

There are many treatment options available today. As for your part in it, there is going to be some amount of rest and exercise to both get well and to prevent the injury or condition from happening again.

Here are some of the most common activities to be careful in to get through the injury and prevent it in the future:

  • People have to be careful to bend their legs and keep their back straight when lifting any size object.
  • Heavy objects must be held close to the body for support when carrying them.
  • If you have to sit upright for an extended period of time, be sure to sit with your back supported correctly a lumbar support chair or cushion. Keep your thighs parallel to, and your feet flat on the floor.
  • Sleeping on your side or back on a quality mattress is essential for healing and pain relief of a bulging disc.
  • Finally, wearing high heels should be avoided at all costs while treating a disc injury of any kind.

In everything that you do, correct posture is extremely important.

In any case, be determined to get up and get going with your bulging disc treatment. That determination will help you work through the pain, follow your doctor’s orders and prevent further injury. And that is what’s require for you to live life to the fullest.

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