What Are My Chronic Back Pain Treatment Options?

The title question is, of course, one that cannot be answered completely by any website and certainly not by a single web page.

But you can get answers to the path to healing and recovery for chronic back pain treatment that covers the most common injuries and conditions.

The good news about muscle, joint and back pain

Here’s the good news. Most back pain will improve significantly or disappear altogether with home treatment you can do yourself. More good news is that the same home therapy principles you apply to chronic back pain, you can apply successfully to other joint and muscle pain.

Now here’s the usual disclaimer. I’m not a doctor. Before starting any exercise, supplement or other therapy, check with your physician.

Here’s just my personal take. If I had taken the above advice throughout the last 30 years, I’d probably be consigned to a wheel chair and walker by now. A trip to the doctor, finding out all the minutiae of every possible condition you may have can be paralyzing in itself.

Exercises for back pain or other muscle pain and inflammation are often necessary and effective. How much and how difficult is determined by your level of and tolerance for pain. And it’s determined by making sure you don’t make an injury worse with the wrong kind of exercise.

There are numerous exercises a competent physician can suggest. This is providing that a doctor, like many others is not just inclined to medicate at the expense of all other treatment.

[Here are 10 good sense courses of action to take for healing and back pain relief.]

Medications today, especially NSAIDS used daily by millions of people are rapidly becoming the number one source of unintentional poisoning. That doesn’t mean that a couple of ibuprofen will hurt you. But for chronic or long term pain, bottles of medicines, including prescriptions, can cause devastating stomach, liver, and kidney damage.

These are all taken on the premise that they work instantly and provide temporary relief (sometimes).

A much better alternative may be natural pain relief that does not put you at risk of damaging side effects.

[Link to this article for a good description of both dangerous pain killers and natural clinically tested alternatives.]

If you have to resort to professional help for back pain relief

Regardless of the diagnosis, you will likely be issued one or more prescriptions for pain. Or you may get a suggestion of various strength over the counter medications. Another common treatment is steroid injections directly into an area of inflammation.

All of these work to some degree for temporary relief.

In numerous cases drugs prescribed for back pain or other joint injury or discomfort are also anti-depressants. This type treatment is for no definitive reason other than when a physician cannot adequately diagnose the source of pain.

That takes the condition into the area of prevalent belief that some types of pain are brought on by stress or other emotional problems. Whether that is legitimate in your case or not can only be determined by time and testing. However, it should be understood that prescriptions given on this basis will often cause mood changes that will subside when the medicine is discontinued.

The need for chronic back pain management and treatment options has opened up a whole world of medical research and opportunities. Unfortunately those opportunities often benefit doctors, hospitals, clinics and drug companies more than pain sufferers.

It’s for these reasons that people often unnecessarily end up pursuing surgery when these ineffective and confusing diagnosis and treatment options are exhausted.

You have an alternative for muscle and back pain management.

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Lose The Back Pain

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