Specific Inflammation Relief Techniques

For all the implications of what inflammation means and causes, in most cases it is not difficult to control or even eliminate. These are the four most common and dependable ways of self therapy to achieve inflammation relief.

The first means of inflammation reduction, particularly right after injury, is ice and heat.  The caveat here is that sometimes people use one or the other in the wrong situation.

Knowing when to use ice and heat is critical in controlling inflammation.

Ideally, ice is used periodically in the first couple of days after an injury where swelling and inflammation is present. Ice is particularly useful in reducing initial swelling. Heat should not be used immediately after this kind of injury. Heat expands tissue and can increase swelling.

After dealing with the initial swelling, heat used periodically throughout the rehabilitation can help significantly in restoring mobility and reducing soreness. Heat helps loosen up muscles and joints and makes them pliable as exercise is applied.

When an injury occurs or conditions such as osteoarthritis develops, people usually focus solely on pain relief. That focus, rather than on treating the actual injury, can result in long term pain, stiffness and impingement.

Diet is critical in pain relief due to inflammation

The greatest single point of neglect most people go past is diet. What you eat can determine everything from how long an injury takes to heal to literally, your quality of life. What goes in your mouth as a matter of your regular eating plays a huge part in how well and fast you heal.

Substances such as high amounts of sugar, gluten, dairy, caffein, saturated fats among others can build up to negative results. Alternately any of them may be a source of alergies. Many times a change in diet is critical to healing and wellness.

Natural medicine vs NSAIDs and prescription drugs

Natural medicines from clinically tested and proven supplements can play a significant role in long term inflammation relief or elimination. These supplements include well known supplements such as turmeric, papain, devil’s claw, ginger extract and others.

What most people have trouble dealing with is not getting instant relief like they do from NSAIDs. What they do get is real healing relief that takes place gradual and lasts. In combination with other healthy lifestyle habits, freedom from inflammation is indeed not only possible, but likely.

Reducing stress and anxiety may be your answer to inflammation relief

Finally, least used are mind – body techniques. It has been very well established that emotional anxiety causes serious pain, many times unidentifiable in physical examination. That said, it is very real to the patient experiencing the pain.

Learning to control stress, anxiety and emotional upheaval can be a serious solution to some people’s muscle and joint pai. Stress and anxiety also causes physical tightening of muscles as well as the release of cortisol causing inflammation.

Breathing techniques, massage, a walk in the park, anything to reduce stress can have a significant effect on reducing inflammation, tight muscles and pain. Exercise is a tremendous stress reliever. In combination with other techniques to reduce inflammation, an exercise routine can work wonders.

There are numerous other specific methods of achieving relief from inflammation. Sometimes, over the counter or prescription medications are necessary temporarily. They should, however, be viewed as temporary symptomatic relief and not a long term solution. Their damage to your internal organs can be too severe to depend on them indefinitely.

The good news about many types of muscle and skeletal conditions and injury after effects is that they can be resolved successfully, by healthy, natural self therapy.

Specific Inflammation Reducing Products

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