Physical Limitations Persist Due To Faulty Thinking

So, you’re 40, 45, 50, 60, 65, 70 and you’re not so [insert anything here] anymore. Ok great. What are you gonna do about your physical limitations besides give up on everything you want and need to do and whine about it?

Here’s some reality. Most people of any age, who are in reasonable health for that age, can improve their fitness level. Some dramatically. But the last thing you should do is simply take some ache, pain, former injury, or even a medical diagnosis as the last word on your life.

Many doctors’ orders to not use muscles that will atrophy if you don’t should be ignored. In fact, many visits to the doctor have been the last time many capable people ever lived their lives normally again. All because of medical instructions to limit movement.  A prognosis is all it takes for many people to physically stop living and start dying.

What any man or woman in reasonable health can do

I’m a fisherman and a recreational handgun shooter. I love to workout. My gym is the woods near my home. I take Taekwondo with my daughter.

That’s in spite of past injuries. I’ve dislocated a shoulder, torn ligaments and muscles between my left pectoral muscle and bicep. I’ve torn my hamstrings in both legs, had ribs broken, sciatic nerve injuries, cracked ankles. On and on it goes. Today, physically, I do what is important to me and to others that depend on me.

Today, before writing this, I ran up and down hills with a 20 pound weight vest on. I carried rocks up hills.

That was in spite of pain in my right knee. I’ll deal with that by isolating and exercising the muscles around the knee. Not by giving in and sitting down.

I’m 22 pounds lighter than I was two years ago. My blood pressure is normal. My resting heartrate is between 58 and 65 beats per minute. I’m 57. I defy age.

I don’t do anything almost any other man or woman of any age can do if they want to live rather than just get old and rust.

I have a website called Christian Gun Owner that receives around 60,000 visits per month. I get a steady stream of contacts asking me to suggest the best gun for people who have “bad” backs, spine problems, arthritis, bad knees, arm, wrist and hand problems.

I can’t recommend the best gun for anybody who is completely healthy, not to mention people with all those problems.

Get up and move to get your health and strength back – even if it hurtsSenior adult doing shoulder exercises

If you haven’t exercised in years, you can begin to use your arms and legs doing basic light exercise. Then just rinse and repeat over and over. Use simple household objects that you handle daily for weights. Instead of lifting them once, lift them in sets of ten reps. Intentionally find stairs to walk up.

Control your diet.

That doesn’t mean obsessing over a bunch of diets with names. It just means going on the Q.E.L.P. diet (Quit Eating Like a Pig). Cut down on the fat. Cut down on the sugar. Eat less and eat more often.


If you have, through your job or from sports or hobbies, exercised through the years, work through whatever physical limitations you have. If you have joint problems, work the supporting muscles. If you have chronic pain in muscles, strengthen them. Nerve problems can be overcome by specific exercises.

All this is to say, you don’t have to lie still and watch life go by. You can defeat what limits you.

What I do tell the people mentioned above is that rather than searching high and low for a particular gun to meet their physical challenges, get fit to shoot what you want or need.

In other words, quit letting your injuries and conditions tell you how to live. Quit letting doctors and medical warnings run your life. Defy it.

Not that a multitude of physical ailments are not serious, painful and debilitating. They can and do hurt, but in the vast majority of cases, people can improve their conditions.  If pain stops you, you’re done.

The question is …… what are you gonna do about it?