Natural Remedies For Reducing Gout Occurrences And Symptoms

If medical treatments for gout are not going as well as you had hoped, trying alternative, natural remedies for reducing occurrences and symptoms may be the answer. May is the operative word, as this and other joint affecting conditions still contain many mysteries in the medical community.

In cases where traditional, doctor prescribed remedies have not worked, these are possible solutions. They are generally safe, natural and otherwise nutritious as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Exercise for the joint inflammation and swelling will be part of this discussion on another page. This includes exercise as part of a steady, healthy weight reduction for those who are obese.

To be clear, gout can be present in anybody of any age or size. It is not a disease of the aged or the obese, though those can be two factors in how the disease progresses.

Face Your Diet For Gout Reduction And Relief

What we’re dealing with in dietary concerns is largely purines. These are colorless crystals that form uric acid when they are oxidized. If your diet consists of significant to large amounts of shellfish, organ meats, red meat these all contain purines that are known to contribute to gout.

Initially cutting back on, or cutting out these type foods completely is often necessary to see at what level your body will tolerate them.

Yeast is another known significant contributor to elevated uric acid levels. That’s the reason that beer is a known contributor to gout flair ups. Cutting out alcoholic beverages and many other items containing yeast may be necessary for gout reduction.

Foods That Are Out If You Have Gout

After cutting out these foods as a test, the level of response from your body will be the indicator of how much, if any of it can be continued.

Foods That Are Beneficial For Relief From Gout

Remember, food is not a cure for gout, but a controlling factor in the occurrence and level of symptoms.

First it’s generally helpful to discuss the replacement of your protein sources. A good source of alternate protein is low fat or skim dairy products that, as a substitute, will help reduce the purine levels in your body.

Omega 3 fatty acids are good for reducing uric acid. But the fish containing the Omega 3 often have high to medium purine content. It’s worth the time to research the best fish for lowest purine to Omega fat ratio. Fish in this category are good for gout patients provided they are eaten in moderation.

Foods that may be beneficial for the reduction of uric acid in the blood are dark berries and dark grapes. Also foods high in vitamin C and even supplements may be beneficial in controlling gout.

Foods Beneficial For Gout Patients

Bromelain, turmeric and other supplements for gout have enough clinical evidence of their efficacy with controlling inflammation to be worth trying. There is no official supplement for the condition. However, research into clinically proven anti inflammatory supplements can be very beneficial in controlling your symptoms. Trying these can be life changing by producing long term inflammation relief while maintaining an otherwise healthy lifestyle.

Some small studies have indicated a reduction in gout flair ups and symptoms by taking doses of vitamin c in supplement form. Check out the studies for yourself to decide if that may be part of a comprehensive lifestyle option.

In all of this be sure no supplement you begin to take will have any conflict with prescription medications you may be taking. This can be determined by asking your doctor. Your pharmacist can be an especially valuable resource in determining medicine/supplement conflicts.

Worthwhile time for food research

The scope of this article does not allow for comprehensive information on all common foods that are beneficial or risky for gout symptoms. If you suffer from gout, you would do well to research to compile large lists of foods beneficial for your health and gout symptoms as well as a comprehensive list of foods high in purines that raise uric acid levels.

NOTE: You are not looking for “healthy vs unhealthy” foods. You are looking for foods that contribute to or help relieve the symptoms of gout.

The usual water advice for gout sufferers.

Get plenty of water in the eight 8 ounce glasses per day. Sufficient water helps flush uric acid from your body and avoid the crystal build up in the joints.

Healthy Weight Control Also Helps Control Gout Symptoms

I used the words symptoms here, because being obese causes undue pain on virtually every joint in your body. When gout episodes occur, excess weight dramatically increases the already significant pain by extra pressure on the joints.

Reducing your weight by a healthy diet and exercise lifestyle will also serve you well in controlling gout. That’s both from the standpoint of eliminating the condition to controlling the symptomatic joint pain and keeping mobility.