How To Treat Sciatic Nerve Pain With Exercises And Other Methods At Home

Treatment for sciatic nerve pain, if possible, is always most desirable if the discomfort can be alleviated with home treatment. That means relief from sciatic nerve pain can be obtained without ongoing medical treatments including surgery. There are, of course, a percentage of cases for which medical treatment cannot be avoided.

How well do medications work for sciatic pain?

The first natural response of people experiencing the agony of sciatica is to reach for medications. In many cases the initial pain is so severe that people head to the doctor seeking pain relief. Most often patients’ perception is that doctors will prescribe some type of drugs that will stop or dull the pain.

And while the patients’ expectations about receiving prescriptions is often correct, their hopes that it will end the pain are often disappointed. While both prescription drugs and over the counter medications for sciatic nerve pain will have some effect, they rarely completely alleviate the pain. Often sciatica sufferers find themselves, frustratingly, in the same amount of pain as before the medication.

Treatment for the sciatic nerve is often complicated because of the size and scope of it and because the painful nerve has always been injured. Consequently there is generally no dull aching pain that medication is best at relieving. It is more often excruciating pain from movement that aggravates the point of injury. Sciatica sufferers hurt when they move.

From the size and scope of the nerve, avoiding movement that hurts can be pretty challenging with a sciatic injury.This is the consequence and reason for many drugs’ ineffectiveness in affecting immediate pain relief.

Types of drugs typically prescribed: Anti-inflammatory over the counter drugs in extra strength, prescription muscle relaxants, other pain relieving narcotics according to pain location, anti-depressant prescriptions.

It’s worth mentioning that people with chronic, severe sciatica will often receive steroid injections. Because of the significant side effects and inherent dangers of steroids, they are limited in use.placement of the sciatic nerve from the back to the upper leg

They are painful injections inserted at and around the site of the pain. The effects of steroids last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks and then wear off. They are almost always considered for short term use only.

There is hope outside dangerous and ineffective medical treatment.

Worth noting here is how my wife safely replaced Celebrex and steroid shots for severe and debilitating nerve inflammation in her forearm and wrist. The same product has proven to provide relief for chronic sciatica sufferers with extended use. Reduction in the large nerve inflammation is the key.

Keep in mind, virtually nothing will bring immediate relief from movement. But you can get long term relief if your nerve injury is chronic in scope.

Professional physical therapy as a sciatic nerve pain remedy

While it can seem more like torture than treatment, physical therapy is often prescribed for people with sciatica that lingers for over two weeks. Not that it is not common for it to last that long. It’s just that by this time many people are too distressed to try to alleviate it themselves.

For this type treatment your family physician or specialist will determine the location of the nerve injury and exactly what type movement seems to aggravate it most. Armed with that knowledge, the experienced therapist will walk you through the various exercises for whatever amount of time is appropriate.

In the hands of a skilled therapist, many people find eventual relief. But the pain of the process is more than some people can tolerate on their way to sciatic nerve healing.

Wait and see vs bed rest as a healing treatment process for sciatic nerve injury

Wait and see is terminology that in medical dialogue means don’t do anything. Just go about your business as normally as possible and see if the nerve heals on its own. That was my experience with severe sciatic nerve injury and pain. Self therapy and going about day to day routines eventuated in the injury getting well on its own.

Bed rest is another option and is one most attractive to many people. Because the pain is so intense, staying in bed often seems like the most rational course of action.

Clinical tests under controlled conditions have shown virtually no difference in the efficacy of daily normal activity over bed rest in sciatic nerve healing. The downsides to both: Bed rest means no work, play, or other normal day to day responsibilities. Wait and see through normal activity means you do everything you need to do, but it can be excruciatingly painful.

How to relieve sciatic nerve pain at home through self therapy

Last but not least, is in my estimation, the most effective form of healing process for sciatica. Remember, I am not a doctor. But I have been a sufferer from a severe form of this malady. It was through determinedly plowing through my day,  exercising and alternately resting that helped my defeat the agony of sciatic pain.

This type of treatment allows normal (mostly) living while continuing to exercise, avoiding muscle atrophy and strengthening the surrounding muscles. This in effect advances the healing of the nerve while also helping to develop activity to prevent the injury from recurring in the future.

I took supplements, that, while not as sophisticated in formulation as today, had a significant effect on the sciatic pain as I proceeded through my home therapy. Today, Heal-N-Soothe is a highly sophisticated formula consisting of safe, natural ingredients designed to speed pain relief from inflammation, and healing of the affected area. Numerous ingredients can be checked for their efficacy at Sloan-Kettering Hospital’s website.

At the time I had to deal with nerve injury, I had a job that required heavy lifting throughout the day. I used that to carefully exercise surrounding muscles. I also undertook medically approved exercises for sciatic nerve pain including strategic stretches. While painful at the time, the eventual results made it worth the effort.

Along with required rest, I got well over a few weeks time without ever stepping foot in a clinic or hospital for treatment.

This amounts to natural healing of the sciatic nerve.

When Sciatica Becomes Chronic

If your sciatic nerve pain is chronic and beyond the scope of this article or other resources on this website, you may need more systematic and comprehensive treatment. It still is within the realm of self-treatment.

Get comprehensive guidance for your sciatica healing

While I reminded you I’m not a doctor, much of what I did is listed in mainstream medical and therapeutic journals. It was not without research into what is necessary to produce the most likely and fastest results for healing. Just “deciding” what you are going to do without getting experienced knowledge and advice is a foolhardy venture that may leave you in worse shape than you started in.

For  tested and experienced procedures for sciatic nerve pain relief and healing, check out the resources of the Healthy Back Institute.

Take the time and effort to find out what is causing your pain, what the best course of exercise is, and what are the necessary questions you need answered from your doctor.

Don’t waste any time delaying the path to healing for your nerve pain.