How To Reduce Inflammation In The Body With Natural Products

This article deals with how to reduce inflammation in the body. Not internal organ pain. Many times in internal organs it does not result in pain as it does in muscles and joints.

From the perspective of the medical establishment today, the only option we’re given is medications with debilitating or life threatening side effects. When people approach doctors with pain, they are almost automatically prescribed either over the counter or prescription drugs.

Natural products  are almost never given as an option.

Probably because those are not products that are given to medical clinics and hospitals. These “sample” amounts are provided to get people locked into their mediocre and temporary pain killing characteristics.

Natural relief or even cures for numerous sources of inflammation are never even mentioned. That even though many of those natural supplements are superior in pain relief to high cost, dangerous drugs.

Many, if not most common natural pain relievers can be checked out at Sloan Kettering Hospital website.

Sloan-Kettering is one of the most prestigious cancer and research hospitals in the world. They have compiled clinical studies on a comprehensive amount of natural supplements that are used for pain relief and many other purposes.

The assessments and sources of clinical studies can be found on the website. Their effects and comparison to the most common drugs is laid out to allow you to be able to make an informed choice.

How to get rid of nerve inflammation is a common quest of many people who have suffered from injury or have chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis. Supplements for this type condition exist in large numbers for diverse conditions. That said, they are seldom mentioned from doctors offices, clinics or hospitals.

Their only option for you seems to be life threatening, kidney and liver destroying drugs.

People requiring treatment do not need dangerous pain killers that produce only temporary results. This keeps the patient coming back for more and more.

This is the vicious cycle responsible for widespread internal damage and in many cases, death. Over the counter and prescription drugs for pain are killing people around the world. All when harmless, but effective natural products will perform better and long term.

For an inflammation reducing plan of action read our article on Specific Inflammation Relief Techniques.

Treating inflammation by natural means involves eating, supplementation, and exercise.

First, you should concentrate on a diet rich in fruit, grains, and low fat protein. Just that adjustment will provide a foundation for good health that will allow you to then supplement that diet with direct focus on your pain and its source.

Numerous natural herbs and minerals have been proven to be clinically effective at preventing inflammation as well as bringing relief to sufferers. That can be whether it is caused by chronic disease or conditions or from injury or muscle and nerve stress.

Bromelain, turmeric, glucosamine, papain (papaya), ginger extract, citrus bioflavinoids, L-glutathione and others can be very effective for both gradual and long term relief or healing of inflammation. These and many other supplements can be verified on the Sloan Kettering website.

Use painkillers while making adjustments to your lifestyle.

Keep in mind that weaning yourself off of chemical pain killers may be challenging. It’s ok to take a pain killer for severe pain while you are adjusting your diet and beginning to supplement your diet with natural anti-inflammatory products.

Exercise is another key factor in determining how your muscles and joints perform with reduced inflammation. If you have been the victim of severe pain, or if you have a known disease or condition, check with your doctor about how to safely exercise.

Otherwise slowly developing an exercise program will go a long way towards pain relief when combined with a healthy diet and focused supplementation.