Heal N Soothe – My Wife’s Natural Replacement For Celebrex

This article is to give you a reason to consider Heal N Soothe as an option or alternative to NSAIDS either prescription, or over the counter. The product linked to on this website has also become a natural, effective alternative to  Celebrex and steroid shots for my wife, Cindy. 

Cindy’s report below refers to a specific area of the body, but the solution applies to any joint/ muscle nerve inflammation and pain including spinal vertebrae, elbows, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles. That can apply to any reason from former injury to osteoarthritis.

The Natural Replacement For Celebrex

Before you read, you should be clear about this: There is no such thing as a “miracle food, drug, or supplement”. Heal-N-Soothe is included in that statement.

The reality is that there are some natural supplements that have been clinically confirmed for efficacy in reducing inflammation, swelling, pain, etc. Heal-N-Soothe is simply a formulation of some of the most effective of those. Of the natural ingredients in HNS you can check many of them in clinical trial results at Sloan Kettering Hospital’s website.

No miracle. It works because it’s the right formulation of supplements for what it’s made for. This is not a product with just anecdotal testimony that it works. It is solidly locked into clinical confirmation.

This is the Rogers family who is behind the Spine Alert website. We’re real people just like you. We’re active and determined to stay that way in spite of physical difficulties.

The Rogers Family         Cindy And Jacquilyn

The Winding Path To Pain Relief

Below, my wife Cindy, recounts her experience with what started as minor wrist and forearm pain and numbness. It became debilitating and proceeded to the point of considering surgery.

The sentences/paragraphs below in quotations beside her name are her remarks.

Cindy: “My career always included extensive computer work meaning long periods of typing, use of a mouse, writing, etc. Fifteen years ago I began having wrist pain that varied widely. It ranged dramatically between minor and severe discomfort, not being able to twist my wrist to open a door or start my car.”

This became a common view of Cindy’s wrist and forearm.  Forearm Brace

This is what I see and what I get so many contacts about on this website. It is not limited to the wrist and arm, but can be any joint in the body including the vertebral joints of your spine.

The Grief And Stress Of Endless (Mis) Diagnosis And Treatment

Cindy: “Ten (10) years ago I looked into alternatives to surgery. That started with a Chiropractor 3 times per week with a $20 co-pay on our insurance each visit. He used deep electrical stimulation and in about six weeks I had some relief.

I got away from the Chiropractic treatment hoping it would be lasting and that the pain and debilitation was behind me.”

Another typical response from people who are going to a lot of effort and expense to try to get relief from joint/muscle nerve inflammation pain. When they get some temporary relief, they get away from the treatment knowing it is too uncomfortable, expensive or just plain dangerous to continue long term.

Cindy: “I had another significant flare-up three years prior to the writing of this article. While I went in for treatment, time and money ruled out the chiropractor as health insurance no longer covered chiropractic expenses. The cost would be $40 per visit which was daunting considering the pain was returning after treatment.”

It’s at this point that people become desperate and begin to do things that can be threatening to their health even extending to being life threatening.

Cindy: “I was using over the counter pain reliever so much that it affected my liver.  Later I was declined health insurance because blood work showed slightly elevated liver function. My primary doctor had not mentioned it because it was so slight. He had no concern but it was a reason the insurance company declined my application.”

Now with insurance costs and the problematic issues with even getting it, you can find yourself with no means for treatment.

Cindy: “I went back to my primary doctor who decided to put me on Celebrex. I was still in pain after a few months so he referred me to a rheumatologist.

X-rays/test results were inconclusive other than the presence of inflammation and he diagnosed it as arthritis. Though I always felt it was repetitive motion disorder or carpel tunnel syndrome he increased my Celebrex dosage.

After a few months of taking Celebrex and still having strong, debilitating pain, he gave me a steroid shot.”

Here is where it is really worth paying attention to alternatives to medical care. There are over a dozen major medical disciplines dealing with spine, joint, nerve pain and disorders. They commonly disagree both from the standpoint of diagnosis and treatment.

Cindy: “I had a follow-up appointment with my doctor at 3 months. With the pain having subsided, the doctor said if I don’t have another episode in three months he would say it was severe inflammation rather than arthritis.”

This is typical of diagnosis by treatment and elimination of symptoms. If you live through this you might have a chance at some relief in the future.

Cindy: “After the steroid shot the pain and weakness was minimized for about a year. Then the familiar wrist pain returned in a dramatic way disabling me from even the most minor functions with my hand and arm.

I did not want to get back on Celebrex because of the side effects and cost. The prescription was around $90.”

This is commonly where people are looking for an alternative to medical treatment. Much of the medical establishment scoffs at alternative treatments. The reality is that most people try it because doctors have miserably failed to properly diagnose and treat their illness or condition.

The Turning Point To Heal N Soothe

Cindy: “I lived with discomfort and debilitating weakness again for months when my husband referred me to Heal-N-Sooth. I saw the ingredients, checked their clinically tested efficacy and decided it was worth a try. I had already been through enough of the uncertainty and even danger of medical prescriptions.

At that point the cost and effort of trying Heal-N-Soothe as a replacement for Celebrex and steroids was nothing compared to what I had experienced.”

I got to watch this first hand as my wife took a simple product that I had promoted through websites for a little more than a year and experienced the amazement of the relief it provided.

My wife is an avid hiker. Below is the bottom line of how Heal N Soothe worked to restore pain free living and mobility.

Cindy: “After a few weeks I could tell a significant difference, and most days are completely pain free.Cindy Hiking

While this is not advertised as a benefit of Heal-N-Soothe I also had issue with edema in my feet/ankles. That’s water retention that causes significant swelling.

There has been 100% improvement. Too much sodium will still cause some retention but not like before HNS. Now if I reduce sodium intake there is zero foot/ankle edema.

I found out that some of the ingredients in Heal-N-Soothe would account for that benefit even though it is not advertised.”

Finally, here’s how far it goes before many people research and use a natural product for inflammation pain relief.

Cindy: “By the way, by the time Mark referred HNS I was considering surgery over the summer. There is no more talk of surgery now.”

Heal-N-Soothe: My Wife’s Replacement For Celebrex, Steroid Shots, And Working Alternative To Surgery ~ Mark Rogers

HNS works for all manner of joint and muscle related nerve inflammation and pain. Expect it to take four to eight weeks to work to its fullest extent, but relief begins for many people within days.

It is a product meant to be part of a healthy pain free lifestyle. The cost of it is minor compared to endless conflicting medical diagnosis and treatment, including internal organ destroying drugs.

So you see, Heal N Soothe is not just a product advertised here to make money. It’s a life saver of a product for my family in the effect it’s had on my wife’s condition. The picture is of me with the bottle of Heal N Soothe that comes every month.

Monthly Heal N SootheIf you have any kind of joint/spine or muscle related nerve inflammation and pain, trying HNS is certainly worth the very real possibility of ending the continuous doctor visits, treatments, chiropractic procedures and dangerous medications.

Compared to all that what does it really costs not to try? Get some today.

There are numerous ways to order Heal N Soothe with some significant cost savings.

The prayer of the Rogers family is that you will find the same relief and gain the mobility and freedom back that Cindy did.


As you should with all supplements, if you are currently on prescription medication of any kind, consult with your physician and pharmacist to confirm the safety of interaction with the ingredients in Heal N Soothe.