Effective Arthritis Pain Relief Through Physical Activity

In the United States one in five adults live with the inflammation, stiffness and pain of arthritis. That’s around fifty million arthritis sufferers in this nation alone. That said, it doesn’t have to be that way. One of the most effective means of arthritis pain relief is through exercise.

Many peoplArthritis Pain Reactione use physical activity to manage their arthritis pain. Even if you’ve never experienced the symptoms of osteoarthritis, chances are you know somebody who has or does. Arthritis unnecessarily prevents many people from living the full lives they could be living by making a few simple adjustments.

The hindrances that exist for many people to move forward are pain, fear of pain, not knowing what will help or hurt their condition. This discourages many people who experience pain or disability from taking advantage of what our own bodies are capable of with it’s best solution for arthritis: Physical activity.

Arthritis, for many means being unable to do simple daily activities, like bending, walking up and down stairs, or even getting dressed without significant pain. Many people with arthritis symptoms know they should be physically active, but Pain From Activitytheir pain keeps them from proceeding.

Decades ago, doctors advised people to “rest” their joints when they showed symptoms of arthritis. That was an erroneous prescription that resulted in countless people worsening, becoming stiffer and less mobile. To be clear, particularly as we age, resting affected joints stiffens them. It does not improve them except in the case of direct injury, not with arthritis.

Also worth noting is that while it becomes more likely and difficult to manage as we age, people of all ages suffer from arthritis for a myriad of reasons.

For Arthritis pain relief, what does physical activity refer to?

The suggestion for people with arthritis to become more physically active in general means moderate physical activity. This can include walking, swimming, biking, moderate calisthenics, resistance exercise. This moves the Walking For Arthritis Reliefjoints without jolting impact. These type activities get the patient’s heart rate up and strengthens supporting muscles.

Time for physical activity in otherwise healthy adults, five days per week, thirty minutes per day is suggested. This should be understood to be a marker, not a permanent amount of time as strength and mobility increase. According to age, exercise can be beneficial in as little as ten minute increments eventually achieving the thirty minutes within a day.

Resistance Exercise For ArthritisIt’s important for anybody exercising to improve their arthritic condition, to pay attention to their body. If undue soreness develops, slowing the exercise down, using less weight, or lessening the extended time may be necessary. Again, this is not permanent. It is to allow your body to get used to each type and level of exercise performed.

Getting arthritis symptoms under control and improving your overall physical condition is not running a marathon or competitive powerlifting. It is beneficial movement of affected joints progressing as your body gets stronger. This type exercise is effective at reducing pain, swelling, common limitations, and general fatigue. Improvement in these areas has also been shown to significantly improve depression in people who have been significantly limited by arthritis.

Worth noting is that while exercise should be carefully implemented, it is indeed real exercise that should be progressive. It is not simply making inconsequential movement and calling it exercise.

Swimming For Arthritis Relief

How you exercise for arthritis relief is largely up to your preference, age and ability.

If you feel you may need assistance with some of the exercises, you may want to work out with a group until you gain greater strength and stability. If you are in generally good health, you may want to work out on your own. Or it may just be matter of personality being challenged and encouraged by working out with others. In all of this safety should be the first consideration, followed by everything else.

Most metropolitan areas have facilities that allow working out for self therapy in groups. This may be in a fitness facility, club, or senior center.

Most people following suggested guidelines faithfully can expect to see significant results in 4-6 weeks.

Getting Yourself Motivated and Start Working Out Of Your Arthritis Limitations

Many people get a sense of overwhelming defeat from their arthritis symptoms. The debilitation they experience that they seemingly did not cause brings fairness into question resulting in depression and loss of will.

If that’s you, here’s some educated encouragement. You can begin to turn back the losses from osteoarthritis right now.

Don’t wait another minute to look through your local paper, phone book, online or talk to someone about where to start exercising. It may be gradual to begin, but the idea is to increase until wellness is the norm in your life. Most people in otherwise good health can make significant improvements in their condition and reclaim much of their life activity.

You can regain your sense of control. You can take charge and get your life back. There are few places where help cannot be obtained to get going physically and becoming active again.

Countless people who have simply changed their diet and progressively exercised to improve, have gone from being nearly disabled to being able to go and do what they want to do on their own. 

The choice is to stay in the condition you are in or take the time and effort to work your way out of it. You can be free from the hindrances that arthritis places on so many people who never do anything to change their lifestyle.

Change your lifestyle. Get your life back from arthritis.