Common Causes Of Right Or Left Hip Pain

Pain can arise from the hip joint itself or from the structures around the joint. With the hip joint being two part, the ball (femur head) and the socket, common causes of hip pain are focused in that area of extensive movement.

Types of pain can be anterior, deep in the front of the groin area, lateral in the side of the hip, or posterior, beneath the buttocks. There is also pain referred to as “far posterior” that involves both the hip and lower spine.

Effects Of Arthritis Of The HipHip Arthritis PIcture

Anterior hip pain often results from arthritis that has developed in the hip joint. The joint condition begins as mild pain, eventually becoming more severe and possibly resulting in impingement.

This is most often treated conservatively with physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medication, and various injections including steroidal.

Surgical treatment for advanced, late stage arthritis may involve total hip replacement.

Labral Tear – Common Sports Injury

Labral tear pictureThe labrum is a ring of tissue that acts as a securing ring to keep the ball of the thighbone in place. A tear in the labrum is caused by intense dynamic action from sports movements common to football and soccer. Genetic structure deformities may also result in an eventual tear.

One symptomatic clue this type injury has occurred is a grinding or grabbing sensation in the joint. A labral tear is often diagnosed eventually by an MRI.

The injury is most often treated conservatively in much the same manner as early stage or mild arthritis.

Surgical treatment for this tear may include debridement or repair. Commonly, this can be done arthroscopically without highly invasive methods.

Stress Fracture Of The Hip – Bone Repair Required

This is a crack that commonly occurs below the ball of the femur. Medical clinicians say it is very important that it is diagnosed early before it displays. They don’t say exactly how to determine a diagnosis is needed before the fracture displays. In any case the official diagnosis of a hip stress fracture is usually determined by MRI.

The fracture is generally fixed if the diagnosis is early and the fracture has not deteriorated significantly. If it is late and the fracture is severe enough, hip replacement is generally necessary.

Lateral Hip Pain From Bursitis

Pain that radiates down the side of either hip deep in the joint is often associated with bursitis. Bursitis is a common inflammatory condition that can affect any joint.

Treatment for this condition is most often for symptoms with physical therapy and anti-inflammatory medications and injections.

Posterior Hip Pain Caused By Piriformis Syndrome

This condition involves some kind of accidental or intentional trauma to the piriformis muscle that is attached from the pelvis to the back of the hip joint. The muscle is a lower body stabilizer that allows the thigh to rotate away from the body. It is involved in virtually all lifting movements.

When the muscle experiences significant trauma or repetitive irritation, it often swells and compresses the sciatic nerve. This can cause anything from burning pain in the upper back to debilitating sharp pain that runs from the hip all the way down the side of the leg.

More than specifically diagnosing this condition, it is most often determined by medical tests that rule out other causes of sciatic pain. Stretching and physiotherapy are common treatments for the condition. In more severe or stubborn cases, steroids and other drugs have been known to produce some success.

Far posterior pain is often due to serious problems with the spine and hip joints. The cause and typical treatments are beyond the scope of this article.

Medical Treatment vs Personal Therapy For Hip Pain And Impingement

For fractures and tears, the results of trauma, medical treatment and surgery is often necessary.  The questions that arise about treatment are most often referring to inflammatory or degenerative conditions that can be improved through therapy.

The medical therapy often used for these conditions includes anti-inflammatory drugs, both by mouth and injection. This is where we find many of the problems developing in people literally destroying their liver, kidneys and stomach with extended use. Instead of seeking out and proactively pursuing natural and permanent healing, people become dependent on the pain killers for their relief.

Instant relief becomes the attraction for what can become deadly pain killers.

Common conditions that cause pain in the hip for most people can be resolved by exercise, clinically tested supplements, and weight control.

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The downside in people’s mind is that it is most often not instant.

Many of those who will take action for their own wellness can achieve relief, mobility and renewed strength. Some determination, discomfort and work will often turn out the best long term results.

Seek out your healing for the common causes of left or right hip pain. Limit pain killers to the initial stages, determined to stop them at a predetermined point.

Finally, look at the healing process as a permanent lifestyle going forward.