About Spine Alert

Spine Alert is a website designed to help people experiencing any of numerous spine, joint and inflammation conditions.

The site owner, Mark Rogers, has extensive experience dealing with these kinds of conditions from numerous personal injuries as well as with other family members.

Mark knows from considerable experience that of the many medical disciplines and specialties dealing with back and joint pain, in many cases they will not agree on a diagnosis, much less a course of action.

He has found that the best course of action for his own conditions and for many other people is to actively engage their physical condition. Determination and self treatment are often as successful and many times more than medical treatments including dangerous drugs.

Mark has proven that his own past injuries, while sometimes causing discomfort, can be overcome with exercise and diet. He has overcome immobility, pain and medical opinion for decades by simply exercising, and proving that movement is often the best medicine.

Mark does not suggest that anybody ignore medical insight or treatment. He just encourages people not to let it define their life now or in the future.

He exhorts everybody as long they have breath, to keep moving.