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Spine Alert: Your Natural Solutions For Spine, Muscle, And Joint Pain Relief

Spine Alert is here to cut through a lot of online confusion about spine pain and how it relates to joint and nerve inflammation. The site provides clear views of the most common back, joint and nerve pain conditions; their causes and possible courses of treatment. It’s not to diagnose, treat, circumvent medical diagnostics or discard good sense.

This site particularly points out natural courses of joint pain treatment, particularly through exercise and strategic supplementation.

In simple terms, my hope and prayer is that you can get moving again!

Back muscles labeledNone of us, no matter our level of physical conditioning has any guarantees. None of us have any promise that we have a minute more than right now.

That said, statistics show that the vast majority of injury or strain in your back or elsewhere will resolve itself with simple home treatment and basic therapy. Natural joint pain relief  often works as well or better than over the counter medications including NSAIDS.  When they are used correctly they provide long term relief and they are safer than over the counter and many prescription drugs.

When you hurt, you’re looking for instant relief, but……..

NSAIDS and prescription pain killers are anti inflammatory to bring immediate, but temporary pain relief.

Natural pain relievers also are designed to reduce inflammation, but to do it safely, working with the body’s natural defenses. While they usually provide more gradual relief, they keep inflammation from becoming chronic and become part of your healthy lifestyle. In other words their intent is for healing, not just pain relief.

What you do or don’t do is up to you and at your risk. But what you do or don’t do will also determine your quality of life. Being proactive in your own treatment and therapy is critical to achieving the muscle and joint pain relief you seek.

Finding out what some options are will help. But hopefully what is more helpful is just my encouragement or some help from a third party that will get you back on the path to living out your potential.

Chronic joint pain and muscle conditions that cause people to give up

It’s understood here what many people’s response is to a bulging disc, pulled or torn muscles, joint or back injury, and spinal stenosis. Those and a host of other bone and joint related ailments. It’s often just to stop and give up. That’s tragic and in a multitude of cases, not necessary.

Spine pain management and often repair is possible through exercise. But you, or whoever the patient is has to do it.

Along with some determination, observation and professional physical therapy many people’s conditions are very manageable or curable.  What people characteristically do is respond to pain by stopping all activity and seeking pain killing drugs. The well known problem with that course of action is that it can be anything from debilitating to deadly. Most upper back, lower back, neck and joint pain relief can be resolved through well tested courses of action.

Specific joint pain remedies work wonders to bring healing and restoration to many people who thought they were disabled by injury or various types of arthritis. What keeps many people from it is that the remedies are not instant or necessarily easy. But they do work.

Through some form of home treatment, medical care, therapy, changed eating habits, or just plain “pushing through” painful physical conditions, most people can learn to live with vitality. But as somebody who has watched a multitude of people give up on life because of everything from back pain to age, I thought I’d put this site up.

I’m Mark Rogers and throughout my life, I’ve experienced multiple injuries to my back and other joint related injuries throughout my body. This has always been because of either heavy work or recreational activity that involves intense physical activity.

If you’re anywhere between 30 and 75 you may receive life changing help through this site.

Just so you know, the pictures below are me at 57. Don’t close this out if you’re younger than that.  This site is not about me. I’ve just found ways of overcoming injury, age, and physical conditions to keep living. Not showing off.  I’ve had major muscle and tendon tears in every limb, back injuries, broken ribs, multiple hand injuries, a dislocated shoulder, injured sciatic nerve, and  martial arts neck injury.

That’s all just to let you know, I’ve been there and done that. I have experienced and survived all types of injury, most of the time without medical treatment or ongoing care.

workout bench picture    rock press    Weight Vest Workout

You’re here because you, or somebody you know needs to  overcome some condition, injury or immobility.  You may hurt physically from inflammation, back or joint pain. That pain may be a result of an injury, a hereditary condition, or just plain aging.

And statistically, even if you’re 30, you’re not likely at a high fitness level. So hang on before you drop the ball here.

Lumbar and cervical spine pain, injury,  joint and muscle pain does not mean the end of valuable life activity for most people.

If you want another medical website, this is not it.

I’m somebody who through my own experience and that of another couple of family members, have both suffered and waded through serious back and skeletal pain to emerge strong and active. That means we win!

If you want a site with solutions, this just may be the answer for you.

There are numerous pages here that deal with spinal and joint conditions. They simply give basic information and direction for where to start. For specific conditions such as spinal stenosis that commonly occur later in life, they are discussed along with some possible solutions.

Solutions for spine or joint injury and pain emphasized:

On most pages of this site, regardless of what it deals with, I’ll emphasize anything encouraging about the outlook of any condition.

I’ll be showing ways of exercising at home, in the woods or on the river bank that will assist you in therapeutic exercise of your muscles, joints and tendons. While strength will be a byproduct, recovery of mobility, flexibility and general fitness level will be the primary goal.

I’ll suggest and link to processes and products that may help you overcome pain, inflammation, and muscle deterioration.

If this web site accomplishes something, it’ll hopefully result in inspiration for you to defy physical conditions, injury and age.

All that to live the life you desire with purpose and vitality at any age.